Chapter Committees & Champion Initiatives

Interested in joining or chairing a Chapter committee? How about being a Chapter Champion for a health initiative or advocacy issue you are passionate about? The Chapter Board meets regularly via phone conference where committee members and Chapter Champions provide updates and reports on activities and advocacy work. So anyone can participate no matter where they are located. Contact the Chapter today to request more info, to present a new committee idea, or to inquire about becoming a Chapter Champion. Below is a list of current Chapter committees and initiatives.

Chapter Committee Chairs:

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Monica Rickman, MD

Childhood Obesity
Stephanie Scofield, MD

Behavioral Health

Ashley Weedn, MD, FAAP

Don Wilber, MD, FAAP

Laura Shamblin, MD, FAAP

Eve Switzer, MD, FAAP

Ashley Yates, MD, FAAP

E-Cigarette & Substance Abuse
Amy Cohen, PhD

Nancy Inhofe, MD, FAAP


Reach Out & Read
Marny Dunlap, MD, FAAP

Asthma & Allergy
Ben Rossavik, DO


AAP Chapter: Champions

E-Cigarette Chapter Champion
Nancy Inhofe, MD, FAAP

Chapter Breastfeeding Champion
Malinda Webb, MD, FAAP


National Committees:

Kelly A. Curran, MD, FAAP

Foster & Kinship Care
Deborah Shropshire, MD

David Jelley, MD

Substance Use & Prevention
Christine Kuien, MD