Residency: OSU/OMECO Department of Pediatrics in Tulsa, OK
Medical school: Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine
College: Oklahoma State University – Stillwater
Where did you go grow up?
Tulsa, OK
What made you decide to go to medical school?
I was intrigued by my high school physiology class and enjoyed learning about the intricacies of the human body. That paired with my passion for children and desire to serve my community made the career as physician a perfect fit.
What made you decide to choose pediatrics as a specialty?
Being a pediatrician is a complex cerebral field of medicine caring for newborns up to teenage years brings a wide variety of pathology. I enjoy putting those complex diagnostic puzzles together and educating and supporting families.
What do you like about pediatrics as a field?
Everyday is challenging but also incredibly enjoyable. It’s hard not to smile when caring for an inquisitive toddler or a baby who has met a new milestone. I enjoy being a confidant to families in tough times and a cheerleader through the triumphs of my patients.

What are something you hope to learn/do in you training? Any particular topics of interests in pediatrics?
I hope to plant seeds of hope and resiliency in my patients, teaching them to grow into healthy adults with a zeal for life. I’m interested in all areas of general pediatrics, but have a particular affinity for being a champion for children with multiple complexities and multiple medical needs.
What do you want to do when you’re done? Any plans for fellowship vs general pediatrics?
I graduate from residency this summer and will be joining St. John Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic in Tulsa, OK in the Fall as a primary care pediatrician.
What are your hobbies?
I love to do things with my hands (think of me as that toddler who had to touch everything in the store, sorry mom and dad). That includes gardening, baking, painting watercolor. I most love to bake French macarons and my favorite things to plant are herbs like basal so I can make homemade pesto.
What are interests/passions outside of medicine?
I’m passionate about traveling. My favorite places I’ve traveled to are Portugal, Spain, Scotland, Canada and Costa Rica. I hope to also do medical missions in the future with opportunities coming up to treat refugees in Jordan.
What’s something interesting about you that you’d want to share?
I currently create water color paintings with proceeds going to organizations that support families after infant loss.