District Vice Chairperson (DVC) Job Description

Eligibility: Must be a Fellow or Specialty Fellow member of the AAP in good standing and be a member of the district to which elected as District Vice Chairperson.

Election and Term Requirements: Candidates for District Vice Chairperson shall be nominated by a District Nominating Committee (DNC) or by petition. The election of District Vice Chairpersons shall be held annually in conjunction with the national Presidential election by mail or electronic ballot of all vote-eligible members. In order to be elected, candidates must receive over 50% of the valid votes received by the Academy within 30 days after the provision of ballots. If there are more than two candidates and no candidate receives 50% of the valid votes, a runoff election between the two candidates receiving the most votes shall be conducted.

District Vice Chairpersons shall be limited to one full four-year term. If the office of the District Chairperson becomes vacant, the District Vice Chairperson shall fill that vacancy. If less than 24 full months of an unexpired term of a District Chairperson remain, the District Vice chairperson who fills that vacancy shall thereafter be eligible for election to one full four-year term as District Chairperson.

If the office of District Vice Chairperson becomes vacant at a time when less than 18 months of the unexpired term remain, the District Nominating Committee shall appoint a replacement. If more than 18 months of the unexpired term remain, an election of a member to complete the unexpired term shall be held in the same manner as the original election with a modified time schedule if required. If less than 24 months of the unexpired term remain, the member who fills such a vacancy shall thereafter be eligible for election to one full four-year term as District Vice Chairperson. All District Vice Chairpersons must remain Fellow or Specialty Fellow members of the AAP in good standing.

Responsibilities: District Vice Chairperson duties and responsibilities include assisting and supporting the district chairperson whenever needed, including:

  • Assisting the district chairperson in chapter development, including membership recruitment and retention, chapter governance structure, chapter finances and budgeting, leadership development, and assessment of chapter needs
  • Attending chapter meetings with, or instead of, the district chairperson, at the request of the district chairperson, using funds allocated to the district
  • Helping to plan, as assigned, and attending the annual district meeting
  • Reviewing chapter-related activities in Chapter and District Relations (ie, review of manuals, survey, chapter programs)
  • Attending the Annual Leadership Forum (ALF), fall district vice chairperson business meeting, and board meetings on request
  • Attending the National Conference & Exhibition and related meetings as appropriate

Accepting special assignments as needed

  • Overseeing the Chapter Awards Recognition Program, including annual review of award criteria, submission process by chapters, and selection of recipients for the Outstanding Chapter Awards, Awards of Chapter Excellence, and Special Achievement Awards
  • Notifying award winners and presiding at award ceremonies at district meetings
  • Promoting successful chapter programs and encouraging other chapters to use these programs as models
  • Overseeing chapter grant programs as authorized by the Board of Directors and serving as the selection committee (As members of the selection committee, district vice chairpersons are not permitted to apply for chapter grants.)