Elizabeth Pflug, MD
Once upon a time in Omaha, Nebraska, there lived a girl named Elizabeth who knew she was born to have adventures. Her whole life she trained for them—fencing with her sisters, picking locks with her brother, and devouring every book in the school library. Through it all, she wondered what kind of adventure she was destined for. “Maybe I will be an astronaut,” she thought, “a pioneer woman advancing science on the final frontier. Perhaps I will be a librarian and shine light into dark minds. Or I might be a pianist and touch people’s hearts through my music. Maybe I will be a missionary, bringing a balm to the soul.” All of these adventures seemed good to her, though it was unclear which of them might require lock picking.
As Elizabeth progressed through her years of training, she became aware that her world did not particularly need more astronauts, or pianists, or even librarians. She also discovered that she would not be satisfied by touching just minds, or just hearts, or just souls. “There must be someone,” she mused, “who takes care of everything, from the skin to the spirit.” And so she was called to medicine. Her adventure in medicine took her from school in Omaha to residency in Oklahoma City, where, for obvious reasons, she studied pediatrics. She is hard at work in a program she loves with people she admires. Now every day is an adventure, every patient an opportunity, and every invitation to write a much-needed creative outlet. Not even Elizabeth knows with certainty where this adventure will take her next, but she can’t wait to find out.

OKAAP would like to welcome Dr. Pflug as the newest Resident Representative to the OKAAP Chapter Board!