Julie Putman, DO

Julie Putman, DO, is a second year pediatric resident at the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Growing up, Julie had always been drawn to kids (especially the ones who are fighting the odds), she’s always loved science, and she knew she absolutely was not going to go into the medical field. I guess you ought to be careful what you say.

In high school, Julie started lifeguarding. She was assigned to a pool in a low-income neighborhood, where she found that parents often dropped young children off for hours at a time using the pool’s staff as babysitters. It was during these years that Julie discovered she enjoyed the life-saving and medical side of the job and that she loved helping these children. Julie also learned that she thrives in situations where she can help someone who is unable to help themselves. It was this summer job that sparked Julie’s interest in the medical field.

After graduating from high school in Springfield, Missouri, Julie attended Drury University, also in Springfield, pursuing an undergraduate degree in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Global Studies. Faith, family and a strong work ethic are fundamental values at the Putman household and they were instilled into her at an early age. In the Bible, Luke 12:48, says that “from everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded.” For Julie, this has always meant that she should use her time, talents and resources to help others. Her parents also provided her an example for getting involved and giving back to the community, so Julie strongly believes that if you help those around you and make your community better, it will pay huge dividends in terms of your own happiness and satisfaction. During college, Julie had the opportunity to travel to Lesotho, Africa to assist a former pastor and his family in their mission work. While there she helped in medical clinics, HIV education of teens and distributed much needed vitamins and clothing. She has had the opportunity to go back a couple of times since then and greatly enjoys it every time.

Through her experiences in Africa, Julie has been exposed to dire poverty, where healthcare and medicines were virtually non-existent and healthy food was unavailable. It is in those situations that a medical professional can feel the most helpless, yet can make a huge difference. Through these adventures, Julie experienced her love for travel, children, and health all come together. Indeed, it was through these mission trips that Julie realized her desire to help children reach their full potential by achieving their best physical and mental health.

After Julie graduated from college, she moved to Kansas City, MO to attend medical school at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. During her time in Kansas City, Julie volunteered in a community garden where she harvested vegetables to provide to the neighborhood children. Julie was happy to match to the University of Oklahoma – School of Community Medicine in Tulsa, OK for her pediatric residency. She could not imagine a better place or better people to help her grow and learn in her medical journey. Ultimately, Julie’s mission is to make a difference in children’s lives through healthcare both locally and abroad.